Friday, September 30, 2011

Dreams_Pencil Portrait

The exhibit is still going on, I thank you all for your whole hearted support.To see some pics, CLICK HERE.
I haven't been sitting idle,though .I have drawn two more portraits, again the reference were provided by my photographer friend Vikram. Sharing first one here,You may find it a bit different than my previous works; the reason being a new,smoother paper resulting in smoother skin tones, and use of charcoal for darker areas.
I do hop,that you like the 'new look'!
Have a nice day.
Pencil and charcoal, A3 sized 200 gsm acid free cartridge paper.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Exhibition

My exhibition starts from Monday, September 19th and runs for three weeks. Mostly, pencil portraits are on display and a few watercolors,too.I am hoping the that the local people like the artwork.Basingstoke is a small town and its great to be recognized here.Wish me luck, and do pop in if you are nearby.
Venue: Fairfields Art Centre, Council Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire UK.
To see some pics, click here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Exhibition Time!

I have not mentioned it so far, but I am going to have a little exhibition of my pencil portraits in September, in Fairfields Art Centre, Basingstoke.The director of the centre is an FB friend ( whom I found when I moved here) and he invited me to have this exhibition. Isn't that great!........
There will be about a dozen portraits -this is another one which will be added to the show.
The woman in this portrait is the mom of a friend.She also taught him and my husband in high school where they went together. She is a strong willed and self assured woman- the traits which I have tried to capture in this portrait.She is also a warm and lovely person to be with.
P.S. I have been really busy in last few weeks.. have been ignoring my blogger friends, I know! Please bear with me for some time :)
Pencil on paper 16"x12"