Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Moon Shine - Baby Elephant in Watercolor

Recently got myself a new shade of Daniel Smith W/c, '' Moon glow". As I was expecting a rich, granulating color, there was some disappointment initially..the color looked rather flat.But then I decided to explore it further and  painted this baby elephant with it.No points for guessing that I am liking it now! This elephant was created using Moonglow,crimson with just a hint of Prussian blue in one or two places.Background was added later in cerulean blue. I am rather happy with the overall effect.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Blues

The Blues
22x15 Fabriano Artistico
Here is a new one...a large family of elephants in shades of blue.I have painted it on a 300lb paper as I really hate stretching paper every time the inspiration strikes!Thick paper is trickier to handle but more convenient, all the same.
My days have been quite busy lately and I have been fortunate enough to sell a lot of my paintings this season. I did well in last few months at ArtFinder.com as well as Etsy and Daily Paintworks. As I have my work uploaded on many sites now, its now a struggle to find time for everything.Painting daily combined with uploading,checking and updating each of them takes up a lot of time and I do miss my blog buddies.Feels good to be here today..just hope that I don't fall into the same rut again!
To all my friends celebrating Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas and  happy New Year!