Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Suzanne

Today my dear friend Suzanne celebrates her birthday...She is in Atlanta and I am in India, and its been four years since welast met but we try to keep in touch via e-mail.
She came to India in 2005 on an official trip but it turned out much, much more for us.Me and my husband took her to his native village (a typical UP village which is not modernized yet) and she enjoyed it thoroughly.In fact this was the best time we ever had in our lives....the old-times surroundings..the green fields, the buffalow-cart ride, the Chaach made from the buffalow milk and the GUR fresh from the oven...the Rotis made on earthen chulhaas..everything had a magical feel back then.
May be it was just the magic of the moment...
We took a lot of photos there and they remain cherished memories for both of us.I am sharing some of them here..


  1. Happy Birthday to Suzanne. Your memories of her visit sound wonderful and your sketches below are just amazing and awesome.

  2. I was just telling my husband yesterday, if there is any place in the world I would like to visit, it would be India...

  3. Yes Sandy, and you also have a friend here now :)