Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rishikesh, my hometown

I take up this chance to boast of the fact that I was also born and brought up in the small and quite town of Rishikesh. Here is some info about Risikesh I wanted to share with those who are interested in knowing India... This one is of the banks of Holy Ganges in Rishikesh. I have taken this picture from net so I am putting the link here...
Rishikesh is not a very big place, but beautiful and doubt about it.This place still holds the old world charm between the hustle bustle of daily life.Most of the people of Rishikesh belong to business community, namely the shop owners..(no big offices here) it is a ritual for them to visit the quite river banks in the evening after they are done with their business, and offer prayers here.Some come here simply to sit and watch the moon come up from behind the hills
I wish i had some more pictures here...but i am sure going to get some good pictures for you the next time I visit my hometown!


  1. Hi Arti!Nice to know that you are from Rishikesh!I've been there when I was small.Several relatives dutifully visit Swargashram and stay in Geeta Bhavan once every year.Very religious and interesting place!I would love to go there again,take a dip in Ganga,click innumerable pictures for references.I love painting water.In fact,my new post is painting of a river if you haven't seen it yet!

  2. hi Ramesh
    I know you will love Rishikesh as you like painting must come here sometime..I will be glad to be your guide!

  3. Oh...will love to see your pics if you get them from your next visit. How far is it from where you are now? Looks beautiful from that photo.

  4. hi sandy
    I live in Delhi and rishikesh is about 150 miles from here....

  5. thanks Arti... I do check back usually to see if the question was answered, (sometimes I forget).

    Ahhh, would love to see Delhi..

  6. as i said, you are welcome any time!:)