Sunday, February 8, 2009

snapshots of london

I guess a blog should not be just about should have a soul, too.
I am posting here some of the photos that I took on my recent trip to London.It was December-january and it was cold, really.But it didn't stop me from veturing out and capturing some beautiful moments.i am no professional photographar,but yes, I like to click around whenever I get the opportunity ..and some day, I might invest in a good equipment for some real thing!Till then ,this is all I have to share...

One is of Regent's Park, if I remember correctly.It was a cold morning but when we entered the park, sun shined for a while...and I did not miss the opportunity.My 9 year old son was very happy feeding our sandwiches to the ducks and pigeons and hoard of other species..Even letting them sit on his head!

Second one was taken in the same palce,but by my son, and its my favorite.Yeh, guessed right...romance!
Me and my husband taking a leisurley stroll ....

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