Sunday, February 8, 2009

These were taken at Brighton, the beach town.I was disappointed at not being able to see much of it, as we had very little time that day.It was worth exploring but I missed it as my companions ( son and husband!)were more interested in the 'casinos'at the pier where you try to push the coins which in turn push other coins and many fall down in the process!( what a way to spend your outing).....I was getting emotional about sunset, however, and got out to get some pictures.There were couples who were enjoying it , and they became my subjects.
Notice a solitary bird flying home...


  1. Hi, I'm JuJu. I've just started Blog today and found your blog. I thought your photos are very beautiful. I look forward to your update :)

  2. Hi .Thanks for appreciation...I will try to live up to your expectations!