Thursday, February 12, 2009

Women drivers!

I came across a hilarious video on a fellow blogger's place ...I am not sure how can I use it on my blog, so i will be giving you a link here which connects to her blog.I hope its alright to do that!
As for a woman driving a car, (with apologies to all women who drive well)I must admit that its usually a happened to me, too.
After much dilly-dallying, I got driving lessons when hubby was gone for a long time. No, he did not actually leave me for good, but went on a project overseas!....So I braced myself to learn driving.Told myself "YES!You can do it!"..And got the lessons. But it took more courage than that to take out my own car for the first time!...Well, one fine morning I decided that was it.Got into the car which was parked backside facing the road and that too on a bend, not to metion the huge speed breaker that ran through the road just behind it!

So it happened that I tried to reverse the car but it wont budge beyond the speed breaker.I tried harder this time and it finally gave way, reversed in speed more than I could handle and i heard a screeching sound from the side of my passenger door! Oh! Did I mention the pole?!!
Yeah, I had scraped my door with that damn pole in the process!It was a nice dent and when hubby came to know about this, he made a joke out of it and told it to everybody that came across.Now you can understand my plight!Everybody laughing at me!....ha ha big deal!
So I dont drive now.I just hail a cab.At least it doesn't cost me my dignity!....

By the way, the link that I was talking about-
I think you can cut and paste it in your browser window and it will work..

hope you enjoy it the way I did!

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  1. hahah, had a laugh at your driving. Now, on the other hand, I am an excellent driver, a speedy one but I've never had an accident, that I caused anyway...but I've been in a few that others had while driving.