Monday, March 30, 2009

Different Strokes From Different Folks

This was my entry for the Different Strokes from Different Folks challenge. Although I admit that this was not my best effort, but rather an experiment!......I tried my son's oil pastels on a drawing sheet and I was finished, it looked good enough to send....Anyway, I did it just to be a part of the challenge..and that purpose is solved!


  1. Great job Arti... I visit that blog a lot to see the different versions.

  2. I Like the texture of the medium you used and the reflections you were able to achieve with this medium are great. I guess the only thing is the horizon line could be parallel with the bottom of your piece . Maybe it was in taking the pictures

  3. Wow, you got all the figures in there! Really nice job on the water.

    I'd like to pass on the Passion For Painting award to you. Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to name seven things you love in your blog, then pass the award on to seven more artists. List their links in a blog post and notify them of their award in their comments. Of course none of this is mandatory, but it does help publicize your blog. :)

    Lesley Spanos at

  4. Hi Dominique
    Now that you have pointed it out, its sticking out more prominently!Well, well it shows that i was in a hurry, and did not pay attention!sorry for the lapse..:)

  5. Thanks Les, for tagging me It sure helps to know more of the artists around!I have accepted and tagged seven more.Thanks all the same.