Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Artist's Block!...

Hi everybody...its been a long time since I posted a fresh work.I guess I had been suffering from "Artist's block"!...First I was busy with a job work that required a different skill altogether...and somehow along the way,I lost all inspiration to paint anything new!
This morning I found a mail in my mailbox,written by
Viki North of edging me to submit my entry for their monthly challenge.I guess this gave me the much needed push and by the afternoon,i was back to my easel!
I have painted a piece for theme "Spring Fever"...
Not posting it as yet as it got dark when I finished it, so I will wait for morning sunlight to take a picture of it.You can see it tomorrow, definitely!


  1. Hello Arti
    It looks like you are not on your own re artist block. The ups and downs of an artist eh!.
    Glad your back in the swing of things.
    Looking forward to seeing your piece.
    Kind Regards

  2. My son is an artist and he gets artist's block, too. I like the sketch below of the girl.

  3. Thanks Trevor, for making time for me here :)
    My piece will be nothing like your work, but I guess the purpose is to learn constantly!

  4. Thanks for sympathizing, Judy..You know how it is!

  5. I love Vicci's blog and the artist challenge site.