Thursday, April 16, 2009

IPL Fever

IPL --Indian Premier League--is a professional Twenty20 cricket league created and promoted by the BCCI( Indian Cricket board) and backed by the ICC. Although I don't have much interest in cricket, I am writing about it because I am working on a project based on IPL!

So , I believe, IPL is going to start on 18th April in South Africa.I am making a series of portraits of various team captains for a cricket website iplnewsonline. First one is Shane Warne ( Now pls don't ask me which team he captains!) I am posting it here only to share the art....

I painted it in watercolor and then cleaned and added details in its a mix media!............


  1. Wonderful job Arti. Will look forward to seeing more of these portraits.

  2. good likeness, and very expressive portrait.

  3. Thank you Sandy, I will post them as soon as they are done!

  4. Thank you Kamal, I enjoyed doing it...