Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Unsung Painter

For all those who had read my previous post about Lala and his art, and had encouraged me to go ahead with a blog for it, here is some good news! I have started a blog for him today...And I will keep posting his paintings and the info about Indian villages, which is the subject of his art....
You can find his blog on the side bar of my blog here.Just click on the link "The Unsung Painter"
and you will be there!
Have a nice time.


  1. I'm glad you created a blog for him. I'll follow along..

  2. I thank you from the bottom of my heart ,sandy..not many people show this kind of enthusiasm for others:)

  3. Arti : That's well done, infact you did it pretty fast. Let me go and sign up as a follower. I really appreciate this initiative of yours. Take care

  4. Hi Thomas, I hope we live up to your expectations...Thanks a lot for being a follower...