Sunday, May 17, 2009

In London

Hi Everybody....I am back, writing this post from London. I am here on a month long vacation and I hope that I would paint and post some paintings and a lot of photographs of this beautiful place! To start with, however I have only two-- one is the rose bush that I saw yesterday in a frontyard of a home while going to the super market, and second is the scene outside my window --its raining ,off and on since morning -- and you can see the rain drops on the window pane. There are a lot of trees in our backyard and I like the the view.

I will be painting something tomorrow, i guess. Goodbye, till then.


  1. So misty and beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful vacation. sounds lovely! I lived in York a long time ago, and made frequent trips to London. Great city! looking forward to seeing your paintings. :-)

  2. Nice view! Enjoy your stay.

  3. Yes Liz I am loving it! The clean and cool breeze and misty days...hoping to catch some sunshine today.

  4. Thank you Sandy, I definitely will.