Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hi folks..missed you all for past four days...but I had a really wonderful extended weekend! I got to see Kent ,a beautiful district, south to London.They call it the 'Garden of England'...and rightly so! .....Such a lovely place! We went to stay in Royal Tunebridge Wells, a lovely town with an old world charm.I got this opportunity because my mother;s childhood friend (She is a doctor,who has been living here for last 30 something years) invited us over to stay with them at their charming country house which is spread over acres of land with a lovely garden!
We stayed there over weekend and wished it could be more....had a real good time!My husband took hundreds of photos...i will share some of them with you:)

Upon arrival we saw this place which is said to be the oldest part of the town..

Couldn't resist a photo here!

The beautiful house that we stayed in....

A room with a view!.....

Arjun looks very happy on his bunkbed, posing along with his 'crewmate!


  1. Kent is so beautiful. What an in amazing place you stayed in! That bunk would be hard for a kid to leave. very cool :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Liz..Kent really is a heaven on earth!