Saturday, May 5, 2012

Art Everyday_1

I have decided to explore color and texture initially.This is my first attempt.Started out as blue strokes but in the end, I managed a hanging basket of white flowers!....I have used various methods for creating texture and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.I hope you enjoy this artwork,too.Any critiques are welcome.

Yesterday I also submitted three watercolours for a Group Exhibition here in Basingstoke.
Spring Exhibition - 2012 at ‘The Street’, Queen Mary’s College, Cliddesden   Road,   Basingstoke.The Exhibition opens on Tuesday,8 th May and runs till 18th May.I hope to meet many new people and also receive a good response.

Happy Weekend!
Watercolor on paper, A5


  1. Hi Arti,

    I must say thank you again for painting all my grandbabies for me. I really hope that the laptop was exactly what you wanted and needed.

    These hanging flowers are just beautiful and quite abstract too. I just adore the colors!

  2. I'm sure you'll do beautifully in the Spring show...I only wish I can attend to see all of your work. I like this painting very much..Beautiful color and texture!!

  3. This is just awesome and amazing!!!

  4. Dear Arti, this is simply....¡¡The art!! Love this very much, your investigation has obteined a very good result...Don't know what else tell you, only...¡¡Felicitations!!

    A big hug.


  5. I like the painting, very abstract feel to it. Congratulations for the Spring Exhibition…

  6. Sherry I am so glad you liked all your portraits...laptop is doing just great.In fact I can't do without a laptop-its like a lifeline to me:) so thanks, for helping me out here!

  7. Thanks Hilda, I will sure post pictures of the show later next week so that you can see all the beautiful works displayed by some really talented people.

  8. Thanks Ak I am trying to tread a new path here, thanks for your support!

  9. Lupus, thats the loveliest comment, I am so touched!
    Thanks a lot, Tony, keep tuned for exhibition pictures...