Friday, May 18, 2012


I know I am very much off-target! No paintings in whole week that has gone by.Actually I did some dabbling but nothing was good enough to post.Plus I had an animation assignment which took up most of my time.The quick watercolor sketch above is of Adora.I can call it a commissioned portrait as her father asked to me to do it for her blog .He got her at the age of 56 and now he has devoted and entire blog to put her daily portraits done by various artists in their individual styles! You can check out this blog to get the whole story!my theme was 'Adora in Indian Saree' and the dad likes it very much!He will be posting is soon.
So this is my work of yesterday, now I am going to splash some paint again ( having spent a small fortune on my art supplies this morning)
Have a great weekend, you all....


  1. She is SO precious Arti! You do amazing portraits!

  2. Really pretty...the girl and your work.

  3. She's definitely adorable and painted perfectly..I love the colors in her Saree' and the background color as well. Beautifully done.

  4. Thank you all, it was just a quick sketch but I am happy that it was appreciated.