Thursday, May 10, 2012

Failed Attempts

No paintings to post today..I have painted many, but all went into the bin! The day is so Gray and overcast, it has been raining for a whole month- it has really dampened my spirits :(
I am expecting some output tomorrow.........


  1. I am sure you will get over your block real soon. Best wishes,

  2. Oh Arti, I wish I could impart my love of the rainy days to all who need it. When I lived in WA, one year we had 180+ days of rain and I was in heaven. I've had way too many sunburns, way too much discomfort from heat, and my eyes hurt when the sun is out. I just so prefer the darker, rainier days. For me it is a time to snuggle in at home, to be comfortable to enjoy the colors brought out by subdued skies.

    Hope you feel better soon, my wonderful friend.

  3. hi arti,

    if u can find this read it....its fabulous!!!!,r:1,s:21,i:122

    hope it helps.....i m sure u will come back with great stuff!!!!


  4. Sometimes you need to let your art lie fallow, take some time for fun, the work will be fresher when you begin again.

    You are such a talented artist. Never worry that you haven't produced anything one day among all those others. jb

  5. Thanks a lot for your support, friends...