Saturday, September 15, 2012


After not being able to paint for almost a month...this is the work in progress that I have started recently.An aged woman from my old Rishikesh pictures.In my hometown, local people come to the banks of the river Ganga to meditate or to pay respect.Its a daily ritual for some of them.This woman was also following her ritual- I clicked her as she sat resting under a tree afterwards.
I have decided to paint big, and add the background also.Will keep you posted!
Have a great weekend..
Watercolor 15"x22''


  1. Coming very well! I love the background. The blue in the tree is awesome and so is the shadow on the woman's face.

  2. It's coming along beautifully, Arti!! Her face is wonderful..nice color..perfect shading! I'll be back!!!

  3. Wow, Arti! This is gorgeous already and I cannot wait to see it completed. I love seeing that you work from top down too. I think I tend to try to work from furthest away to closest to the viewer.

  4. This is beautiful. I need to catch up here. Been very busy over the last months.

  5. Thanks everyone, I will be posting the completed work soon..