Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Portrait Painting

It has been a long time since I painted a portrait in watercolor.This was from a TV grab, I was watching a documentary on Namib Desert.It had a lot of dark skinned African people and elephants- both my favorites.I am also working on an elephant -also from a TV grab from same source.They looked so beautiful on screen- I hope I can bring out the magic on paper,too.
Last week had been counter productive- I worked very hard on a commissioned double portrait in pastels but in the end the client simply didn't like it... I chose to refund her deposit and keep the portrait.Rejection hurts but we have to take it in our stride.Well, another experience gained.
After the elephant I will start a pastel portrait of Lala, the friend who passed away recently.My husband wants to gift it to her father.So do I.

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