Friday, September 19, 2014


Peas in a Pod
This pair was on of the swiftest to move out.... A lovely lady in UK contacted me two days ago, about a custom Elephant Painting for her living room.She wanted it to be large enough to hang above her fire place mantle.(I will be painting that one soon) The following evening I decided to paint a smaller one , just to be sure of my color scheme and treatment.This pair turned out to be good and I posted it on Art Finder.It was Sold within 24 hours!
Well now I have to start with the larger one , with four elephants.Hope it turns out well,too.
Have a great weekend, you all.


  1. Wonderful painting.. Can see why your elephants or in demand.

  2. Omgosh Arti!!! These elephants are outstanding!!! I can see why it was sold...
    Congratulations on a beautiful piece!

  3. I always love your elephants but that angora rabbit below has stolen my heart!