Tuesday, November 18, 2014


"Harbor in the moonlight"
Here is another one, with some more details.I tried to keep it simple, just one darker wash over the initial one.I would like the boat to be less detailed and more 'painterly' in my next attempt:)
Below is another one I worked side by side as I could not wait for the first wash to dry! 
Its cool and subdued in color and tone,looks like another grey day in England,
On a Grey Day"
10" x 7"
Oh and I just realized I like painting water better than land,so this is going to be a seascape series instead of landscapes!  The paper is Saunders waterford. It takes washes well ,though the surface feels a bit dry to work on.I wet the whole paper before I start so that the paint flows evenly.


  1. These two seascapes are fabulous, Arti. The splash of blue and beautiful reflection in the water in the first piece really brings everything else out. I hope to see more and more!

  2. I like.. especially the second, not sure why..

  3. Both are stunning but I am pulled right into the Gray Day piece. Amazing!

  4. Arti, they are both beauties! The top one reminds me of the old Dutch seascape paintings, and the one below is, as you say, the perfect English scene, subdued.
    I find the Saunders Waterford lovely to work with, but you do have to really saturate it!
    Love the sea scenes. I feel the same way about painting landscapes - water scenes are so much more appealing.

  5. Ah, I love the blue one. Arti, they are both spectacular, but the blue one makes me want to sit in the night air and look at the fog on the water. I love the effect your art has on me.

  6. I am happy with these very beautiful seascapes. Wonderful colours and amazing reflections in the water !!!