Saturday, April 4, 2015

Baby Ele

Baby Pink Elephant
 I am back to my easel..well; at least for the time being.Painted a lot this weekend as the weather did not permit to make any plans to venture out-- all dark and cloudy with rains off and on. Painted this little guy on my new Saunders Waterford block and LOVED the paper.This one is 'high white' 140 lb and just perfect for my style of painting; I used lots and lots of water as it was a great block, no loosening/buckling of paper at all.You can see me going overboard here; dropping all kinds of colors into this cute baby elephant..I enjoyed this painting so much!
Next one is a giraffe and it will make an appearance soon .Happy Easter, everyone.


  1. So wonderful!!! Isn't it great when the paper makes it easier for you to paint in your style?

  2. Very cute and beutiful painting !!!
    Happy Easter my good friend Arti !!!

  3. You do loose beautifully, Arti! Do you reserve whites (I'm thinking of the highlights in the trunk)? This little one is gorgeous!

    1. Hi Sherry the answer is no; I just leave some specs of white on paper as I go- totally unplanned :) Thanks and a Happy Easter to you x

  4. Does look like fun, with a great result.