Friday, June 12, 2015

A few little ones...

 I have been painting,drawing,studying and experimenting a lot lately.Sometimes the results are not good enough to share, so I am absent from my blog for long periods..but believe me, I am still out there,and I do intend to visit all of you to see whats everyone up to! .Meanwhile I have painted a few little pieces that keep me sane during this process.Two of them are on auction at Daily PaintWorks among a lot of beautiful,beautiful paintings. Bidding ends soon :)

Golden Rooster
Click to bid on DPW  here 

"Birdie" 5"x7"
Click to bid on DPW Here

Camouflage Hare 7"x10"
( This one is not on auction , he is a new one I painted recently.)
Just thought I would mention, I am thinking of going back to pastels.Try some low-key, intense colored works.It would be a contrast to what I do right now, but should be fun! Lets hope I can produce something that leaps out to the viewer.


  1. No matter what you always leaps out to us!!! I love "Camouflage Hare"...outstanding colors and look forward to seeing your pastels..

    1. Thank you Hilda, I know I am a lousy friend compared to you but I value your friendship very much x

  2. I totally agree with Hilda, Arti. I miss seeing your posts more often. How did the ladies waiting for the bus piece turn out? Finish it yet?

    1. Hi Sherry very predictably, I ruined that one :P it went very till about 60% I don;t know what happened after that but I messed it up.Though I still want to pain them again.Just looking for a change in composition.