Monday, June 29, 2015

Pencil Sketches..

This sketch was done to get a good understanding of a horse's head structure. I had planned to do at least six, but here I am ; with a single head to show for! Anyway, the days are finally getting sunnier and I did venture out to a nice park recently to take a shot at sketching people on the go.There was a paddle pool for toddlers and I sketched some of the mothers as they sat sunning or watching their kids.Toddlers were not easy to draw-constantly moving about!I will take a good picture of the work tomorrow to post. Also in the middle of an old guy's sketch, will post it if it ends up decent enough..hope you all are enjoying summer and keeping safe.


  1. What a beautiful drawing, Arti! Love the shadows beneath the bridle!

  2. Love your drawing! Animals are such beautiful creatures! And toddlers are fun to watch. They make such great gestures, but you're right - if they would only stand still! Enjoyed this post.

  3. Great sketch. So much detail..