Friday, June 17, 2016

Dark Horse and Some Thoughts...

Dark Knight
Watercolor on Arches 140 Lb cold pressed
I haven't been painting for last two days..a bit of a block as I can't decide what do I want to do now>watercolor?Pastels? Animals? Boats? Portraits? After much thought I figured that painting was not happening so I better catch up on some reading and writing instead, at least till the time inspiration strikes again.

This horse was painted last month.It was scary dealing with such intense color and I did not have any plan. I just went with my gut instinct- and a large squirrel mop! I actually finished it as it lay on the floor and I bent over to apply my color, stepping away every two seconds.
It was mainly DS moonglow coupled with DS Burnt Orange (which has become a staple in my palette) and some Payne's Grey.


  1. Your gut instinct wins again Arti! This is fabulous!!! I love horse paintings and definitely a winner!

  2. Arti, from a horse-lover, horse-owner and horse painter ... this is fabulous!! GREAT WORK!

    1. I know Kathryn..I love them too- though I dont get to see them as often as you do! x

  3. Gorgeous! Paint without a plan more often!

  4. In the end, another wonderful painting..

  5. Congratulation for your very wonderful horse painting !!!
    Have a nice and creative summer week !!!

  6. This is such a delicate work. Actually difficult to believe that it is a watercolor. Amazing.

  7. I'm so glad to see you posting your incredible art again. You make watercolor look like it's standing and breathing in front of me. Just amazing.