Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Farm Animals


Both of these do seem a bit too purple...well, looks like I got carried away with a new Daniel Smith shade Lunar Violet..especially with Bluebell! I need to work a bit more with the color to get the hang of it.In the Donkey painting I have used Quinacridone Magenta (Daniel Smith) with French UM Blue and burnt orange. This Magenta is the richest color in my paint box..I love it. Add it to DS Moonglow or simply any blue of your choice to get brilliant shades of purple :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Horse portrait in Watercolor

This is Jerry, a funny looking but beautiful horse painted in shades of gray and purple.I especially liked painting the hair!Wet in wet watercolor, with a little bit of salt on the muzzle; it was done on a block of Saunders Waterford.I did not feel the need to paint the background at all.He looks fine on his own,doesn't he?
12'' x 16''
Saunders Waterford cp Block

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Watercolors Elephant, Owl, Giraffe and More...

 July has been a busy month otherwise- with summer and visitors :) However I managed to paint a few of these beauties.

10''14'' Watercolor on paper
First time I tried a raised trunk and it came out rather well.

''Glenn" Great Horned Owl
Love painting the owls, this one is no exception.Done very wet-in-wet, with a liberal use of salt.

watercolor on paper
He is cute and cuddly, painted in a bright shade of sienna.