Saturday, August 19, 2017

Blue Crab Acrylic Painting

Blue European Crab
Acrylics on ampersand board
This is something new and unusual for me.Acrylics look lovely and vibrant but its a struggle trying to blend them;they dry too quickly.I tried an Ampersand board this time and it worked far better than a canvas.It was not a pain working on this crab at all- and I quite like the outcome.Hopefully, more to follow!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Olga _Tawny Owl in Watercolor/ White Horse

Olga the Tawny Owl
Watercolor on paper /25/07/2017
This one was painted in an expressive style ,but with some detail in its face. Texture,spills and spatters add energy and drama to the painting.

Watercolor On Paper/26/07/2017
A watercolor sketch of a white horse with wispy hair and the loveliest of faces. Very loosely painted on best quality Arches paper; this portrait has a dream like feel to it.