Friday, September 20, 2019

Animal in Watercolor and Acrylics

Life is constantly changing, priorities keep shifting all the time.We move them around, fiddle with the goals a bit to fit it all in! I have been painting continuously since my last post here but sadly the time seems to be slipping from me. Well I am making time this morning, to share little snippets of my work through last few months. I have dabbled in oils, acrylics and what not; this has been an year of change. Watercolor still takes the place of pride, but oils are not far behind- if only I had someone to clean up the mess after me!


'Edith' 10x14 watercolor
'Igor' 10''x14''
'Lloyd'' 10x14''
'Baron' 14''x10''
Clara 12''x16''

''Red Dust''  21''x14''
''Pete'' 16''x12''

Acrylics on Canvas:

''Slick City'' 23''x16''

Striped Sky Over London

A Street Somewhere

SOLD Acrylics on Canvas

Acrylic Inks 24''x 24''

Acrylic on Canvas 12''x12''


  1. OMG!!!! what an amazing display of your work, Arti!!! These are beautiful...Pete and Baron are of course my favorite. I've been dabbling in oil a little..I find it wonderful working with those creamy colors but my passion is pastels. I'm glad you're back!! Enjoy your day!!!