Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rishikesh pics

This man was selling a stencil made of a plastic ring and some plastic disks.The disks have holes in them at strategic places.and one can put his pen through the holes and move the discs along in circuler movements to produce beautiful patterns!I used to love this toy a lot when I was Arjun's age....its a local favourite here....Now he is enjoying it! Mind you, its not easy!I made some really weird patterns while trying to teach it to my son!

This vendorselling spices on sidewalk...


  1. oh yeah i remember that stencil. was a real fascination. used to carry it to school & doodle with it during a boring lecture. have fun, hope to see your paintings soon

  2. Yes Poorva... I am trying to finish up my prject asap so that I can get back to paiting!:)

  3. I enlarged the stencil one, and what fun. I know a similar type of thing was around when my kids were little and I'm sure I bought one for them but never tried it myself.