Thursday, May 21, 2009

A day in London

The Trafalgar Square dotted with people enjoying a clear day...

A fine youngman chasing around the pigeons in James Park ..I would have liked a close up but he wouldn't stand still!

Feeding the ducks and ejoying every minute of it...

It is a male Mandarian Duck. They originate from asia ( China, Russia nad Japan),are frequently featured in Oriental art and are regarded as a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity. A Chinese proverb for loving couples uses the Mandarin Duck as a metaphor: "Two mandarin ducks playing in water".

A charming old man with a pet Boa

Arjun being quite brave in touching the Boa...

It was a bright day yesterday --so I decided to venture out with my son. I had a motive, too! The art store near the Trafalgar.! So Trafaga Square it was, with a stroll in nearby James Park . It took me a bit long to locate the store.One wrong turn and we got lost in China Town! Thankfully we came around to find the store after an hour but my son got so bored in the process that he wouldn't let me 'enjoy' the experience! So I had to be fast here and still he complained that I was taking so long! I got some nice watercolors and papers from there and hopefully I am going to put them in good use soon!
And not to forget the National Art Gallery...I took a peek there too --a grand affair. I think it will take a whole day to cover all of it ..


  1. Loved seeing your photos and Arjun is such a cutie and brave too!

  2. Beautiful painting of the poppy Arti. Glad you're enjoying your trip - London is a great place to visit!

  3. Thank you Sandy and Liz..I am enjoying my trip thoroughly!Being able to paint alongside is an addtional bonus...:)

  4. EEEks...Arjun is brave. :-)
    I love the shot of the mandarin and the story of the ducks, too. I didn't know about their symbolism.
    Sounds like you are having a fun and busy time in London. It takes at least a full day for the Nat'l Gallery. So great you've got a month to enjoy the city.

  5. Yes, I was happy to stand and take pictures only!It takes guts to touch a snake!I am enjoying the London Summers:)Thank you.