Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunshine Lilies

Hi..trying to get back into the feels like ages since I posted my last painting! I was stuck without my Internet for more than two weeks.. and I am amazed at how it affected my painting. I just didn't feel like painting because I couldn't share it with anyone --- what was the point!?...
Well now things seem to be getting better so I am posting this clumsy attempt at Lilies.These were white with a little tinge of yellow. Its already tough to paint flowers in watercolors and I foolishly chose a big size....I couldn't manage the details very well it has come out as disappointment! Still I have got to post something, so here it goes. Better luck next time:)
Watercolors on cold pressed paper 14"X 12"


  1. Ths for your words on my blog.You are a good person... and artist

  2. Hey Arti!Don't fuss!I think they are lovely!

  3. Hi Spartaco..welcome to my blog!

  4. Thank you very much I making too much fuss? Dont know!:)

  5. You call this a clumsy attempt. I call it beautifullly done.