Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blue Morning Glory

12" x 9"
Watercolor on 140 lb acid free paper
Flowers are beautiful subjects, but I have been painting them almost every day since 2-3 weeks !I am glad that the project is over, finally and if things go as planned, all the twelve flowers that I have painted will take the form of a desk calendar.Each month has its own 'birth flower'; this morning glory is called the flower of September.This delicate flower is associated with affection.An interesting fact about these flowers is that they bloom with sunrise and die when the sun sets.
I hope you all have been enjoying Christmas festivities....have a nice day.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Water Lilies in a Pond

Water Lilies
Watercolors on Arches 300 lb NOT paper
14"x 11"
This is not what I do everyday...painting flowers!But I am doing it right now, round the clock.My sister decided that this year we will be having flowers on her calendar.I am so short of time that I could n't even do some trials to see in what style I am going to paint- we just started off. Now its 'free-style', I guess! I am on my eighth page today.Have to finish all of 12 by Sunday.I will be sharing them all here very soon.
We are not having much sunshine here lately, yesterday was very cloudy and it has been  raining again since last night.This picture was taken under the light of my table lamp.The colors look yellower than they actually are but its the next best thing I can do.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Together....

Watercolor on Paper
A fun piece in loose style watercolor.I saw this couple resting on a bench in our local market May be they were tired after shopping or just enjoying the sun. I changed the background and shifted them to a park to avoid a parked car and a shopfront behind them :)
Hope your preparations for Christmas are going in full swing.
I received my package of art material this afternoon from Ken Bromley.I have ordered Arches paper for the first time; it is so expensive!Can't wait to try it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Portrait of a Friend

Watercolor on paper
This is a friend and ex-colleague of my husband who had been visiting us from India last week.She had beautiful big eyes and I tried to highlight the fact while taking her pictures.I painted this from a picture that I took in the glorious daylight, though I painted it at night :) But the next day was not so sunny and when I photographed the painting it came out rather dull and flat - so I had to resort to using digital media to rectify it.(Should I call it 'Mix media' now?!)

I have been rather busy lately, working on the next New Year calendar for my sister's company as well as on my ongoing animation project.It will keep me busy for the rest of December, I guess.But I will keep popping in time to time..though not as active on blogosphere as I should be.
Wish you all Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 7, 2012

This portrait is based on a photograph by my friend Vikram. I did it in pencil also but liked it enough to try watercolors! Have a great weekend.