Monday, February 4, 2013

Proud _Black Swan

                                                                      watercolor, 9"x7"
A proud looking swan, I like these birds -they are so beautiful! I have loads of reference pictures as my husband loves to take their close ups...this is from one of his pictures.After three days of not painting, I felt compelled to paint something last evening.Another portrait is on my drawing board but that will take time- this is like a chocolate bar in between meals, quick burst of energy!
Also visited the library this morning and found some pastel painting books.Still unsure how to go about using my new  'mi-tientes 'pastel paper, I won't know until I decide about what am I going to paint.Soon,soon....


  1. Wonderful portrait... looking forward to some pastels...

  2. The black swan reminds me of Swan Lake, the ballet. I love it, Arti!

  3. Another beautiful painting, Arti! A chocolate bar in between meals...LOVE it!!! I can't wait to see some pastels...I know they will be wonderful!!!

  4. Hello Arti:) I know what you mean! Painting something, no matter what. Just for the feeling:) Your goose is so lovely and beautiful painted. Love the blue water in the back. A beautiful contrast. The colors in the goose are a perfect mix. Love it!!

  5. Lovely painting, really well done.
    Thank you.

  6. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it.