Monday, April 21, 2014

Look into my Eyes

My next donkey portrait.Previous two have already been sold so I think he is very popular...!He is the same guy I had met at a local farm a few month ago.I had taken this picture as he looked up to me and it seemed like he was smiling :) Loved this expression.
I hope you all are having a great long weekend and some quality time with your families.


  1. Look at those big liquid eyes! Makes me want to throw my arms around his neck for a big ol' hug! He's adorable, Arti!

  2. He's a fun kid! Your artwork is delightful to say the least Arti, very expressive

  3. I cannot help but laugh at this sweet face. One of the themes of your animal art is showing the soul, the kindness, and the laughter through their eyes. Thank you!

    1. Thank You Julie :) Animals have real gentle souls,untouched from anything negative; unlike us!And that shows in their eyes, doesn't it.

    2. Yes, it does. My dog gives me a look, though, when I don't put treats in with his regular food. He sighs and groans too, just in case I didn't get his point.

      The cool thing is that you capture their souls so well.