Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Emu Painting; and the Rabbit wins the Race!

 I have found another cute bird- the Emu! He is the second largest bird after the Ostrich; but with a  longer and more tapered beak and darker color- may be more hair on his head, too.....still, he looks so much like an Ostrich, they could be siblings.
I was apprehensive about his color, not sure if I wanted to use black-so good old  purple came to my rescue again.I like him in rich, dark purple with just a hint of blue.
This one is totally wet-on-wet, I used a squirrel mop brush to lay the first wet wash and then used my rigger to drag out the hair.It was fun:)

On the other front my White Rabbit has been doing quite well in attracting art lovers on Art Finder store.He has grabbed spot number 5 in this week's top ten most loved artworks! I would appreciate if you guys find a moment to visit and click on the heart (like) on the artworks that you like.I am new at this site and need to build a base.Thanks!


  1. Arti, I LOVE your ostriches!!! I hadn't seen the earlier one [my blogger reading list is on the fritz] This violet one is gorgeous - the mop and rigger worked beautifully for you!

  2. Hi Arti, this is a very cute bird and very well painted with amazing colour !!!
    My best wishes for happy Summer Days full of creation !!!

  3. Now if that face doesn't make you smile, nothing will!!

    1. I wish there were a like button for this painting and CrimsonLeaves' comment too.

  4. OMGoodness, Arti! This emu is beautiful...the color is outstanding....!!! Those eyes!!

  5. Hello,

    I just stumbled on this amazing work of art! I see that the site you sold it on is mainly for single copy original work. Do you have a reprint available or do you anticipate another creation very similar in complexion to this? I saw your other emu works and they are gorgeous, however, this one is by far my favorite!


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