Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More work in progress and a beautiful Hare

Here is another bunny to lighten up the mood as I work upon the larger painting along the way.


Morning has been quite productive today.I started the basic wash on the Three Ladies painting and as it dried, painted a dog and a cat! ( they will feature in tomorrow's post) a good way to use all the paint on my palette ..and practice never hurts!
Here is the progress on Three Ladies...

I have used some masking fluid on the parts that need to kept light- don't want to break the flow of paint in order to save the whites here. Basic wash was meant to be neutral but I jut can't help dropping in all those lovely it was a mix of burnt sienna, burnt orange, french ultramarine, a little bit of yellow ochre and on the lower art-- Payne's grey mixed with a little opera rose. I don't mix my colors on the palette- though I have heard that its a good practice.I like to drop them individually and let them find their own place on paper.


  1. I never get tired of seeing your bunny paintings, Arti. This one is wonderful and your ladies are coming along so beautifully... I look forward to seeing the progression of this portrait.

  2. Love the hare, Arti! He has the most intense eyes :) Your ladies are coming along well ...

  3. I catch glimpses of your lovely animals on Artfinder Arti. Your work amazes me wherever I see it. Love the bunny series. Good Luck with it all. xx

  4. As always, I'm just in awe, Arti. Really beautiful bunny (and I love the hard edges on his right ear; gives more dimension to the piece as a whole). The women are looking just so amazing. Can't wait to see more!

  5. I am enjoying seeing the various approaches, yet with the same spontaneity between the more carefree hare and detailed development of the ladies.