Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ostrich Day

Used Bockingford 200 lb.for the first time.Heavy paper, so it did not need any stretching.Another plus- I could lift color without much difficulty. I might test it a bit more before declaring it a new favorite; but I liked the texture and strength - it works well with my loose style.Hope you enjoy this sweet little guy!


  1. Artie, he is adorable! Love the colors! I would say that you and Bockingford get along beautifully!!
    Kathryn xx

  2. He's adorable! He seems about to tell you a convoluted story about the fence and the gate and how he simply took a walk out the open gate one day and all hell broke loose around him with dogs and kids and rabbits running and he's so happy to be back home again.

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