Sunday, February 26, 2017

Zebra and the Donkey

Painted this cute donkey form an old picture that I took in a local farm.More use of my new deep scarlet , as you can see! It goes so well with the purple; doesn't it?

Donkey in a Barn 16''x12''
Painted on 17/02/2017

I do try to paint a zebra in black and white but it doesn't work and I always end up using a color.This time it was Deep Shadow Violet by Daniel Smith.I added Payne's Grey for darker areas.No black, after all.

Shadow Violet Zebra
Painted on 24/02/2017


  1. This is really beautiful!
    Payne's Gray is one of my favorite colors!
    the Deep scarlet seems to be also a beautiful color...
    I'll try to find it the next time that I visit our local Art store.

    1. Thanks Ignacio!Its always nice to find a new favorite:)

  2. the zebra looks great :D the violet and grey work well here for the dark stripes :)

  3. Love the expression of the donkey and the detailing of the zebra. Great job.

  4. Very wonderful paintings. Thanks for sharing and always stay inspired !!!