Sunday, May 27, 2018

Working with acrylics

 Being a water colorist for many years, its hard to switch over to a medium like acrylic especially when you like so much to work with fluidity. Before I go any further, let me clear- I am not switching over to acrylics, watercolor is still my first love. Its just that you have to challenge yourself and test your limits sometimes.
My first acrylic was a disaster, I hated the medium as it felt so dry! My initial thought was -  'forget it, its not for me'. But after persisting with it some more, (with a few more paintings trashed) I am slowly getting the hang of it. I have now learnt that strokes will start to feel smooth once I have built up initial layers ( the hard part!). An extra layer of gesso should help, too.
I am still struggling with details and fine brushes- it is so much easier just to reach for a big brush or a palette knife- but I am sticking with detail - at least for now- do a few more paintings and see how far can I go.

This is Harold, my last acrylic in canvas. I spent about five to six days to build all those gorgeous lock- but he is so lucky to have found a loving home even before the varnish was dry! He is on his way to Michigan right now, to the home of my childhood buddy whose husband bought it.

12x16 acrylic on canvas

In my newest effort still on easel, I will be trying out acrylics on a surface covered with watercolor ground.Stay tuned to see how it turns out!


  1. I can't imagine you having problems with any medium, Arti!! This is absolutely beautiful and no surprise that it was immediately sold!!! Congratulations!!

  2. WOW!!! I just reviewed what I've missed of your work and am blown away! This is gorgeous, those zebras take my breath away, you are obviously brilliant in any medium! Stunning work!

    And thank you Arti, it's nice to be back!

    1. Thank you so much, Suzanne.SO nice to see you here x

  3. Hi my dear friend Arti, it is very nice to see you again after long time. This is a very wonderful painting, I love it !!!
    Have a nice and creative week.... and thank you very much !!!

  4. Arti, what a great job in acrylics! Beautiful!