Friday, July 27, 2018

Oil Painting_ Snow Leopard

I was introduced to oils when I was in my teens and painted quite a few piece in ensuing years.When I moved to the UK I didn't have the studio space anymore as we lived in a rented apartment; and I had to abandon oil painting altogether. In want of a less demanding medium I turned to watercolor and I loved it so much that I worked exclusively in watercolor for next six years; producing a huge body of work.
Since the start of this year I have been itching to do things a bit differently. May be produce some larger pieces with more detail. It took a sometime to gather courage to start painting in oils again. I dipped my toes first by trying out acrylics.Acrylics are nice to work with as they come with no strings attached - you plan, you paint, you varnish and you are done.
Oils, on the other hand are much more demanding.You need to consider the technique,the material, the mediums and, most important- the finishing. On positive side, you paint in oils because they allow you to blend and add detail which is almost impossible with acrylics.They appear richer,too.

So, here goes a painting that I have finished recently.I might have overworked it a bit - which was not the plan but hey, it was a first oil painting after so many years!

Snow Leopard (unnamed  yet)
Oil on Canvas


  1. That's a beautiful painting!
    It's obvious that you have total control of the medium.
    Great job!