Thursday, September 13, 2018

Painting for Relaxation - An Artist's Diary

Being an artist means you love what you do so you never want to turn away from your 'work' even when the day comes to an end.When I feel drained after finishing a rather complex work, I usually draw or paint another quick, expressive one to unwind and to recharge my batteries.The exhilaration that follows is unlike any other buzz! I would sketch, doodle or just throw some color around; before I hit the sheets.The best de-stressor for us artists, I would say.
This is the one I did to unwind yesterday, though it is a bit more than that- I got carried away and turned it into a finished piece, complete with all the bells and whistles :)  Elephants are irresistible..

Blue Ellen
A4 Watercolor on Paper


  1. Sort of the way a simple sketching grows into so much more. Enjoyed

  2. fabulous work Arti! This elephant is painted beautifully....the color and amazing texture, especially in the trunk area is outstanding.....your best work looks like it would be right before bedtime!!!!