Monday, September 17, 2018

Still Life Step by Step

When I decided to paint this mixer I was well outside my comfort zone - Still life is not usually my thing- but it turned out so well, it makes me want to smile every time I look at it! Luckily I had taken pictures through out my process so I can outline the process for those interested.
'Mix it Up'
Acrylic on Canvas 16x16 in

1. Started with very thin base coat of burnt sienna and here I have added a little background in neutral hues.

2. Some more blocking in and establishing the color tones.

3.This painting is all about RED and I intend to make it pop out! Keeping it loose, not going in too much detail.

4. Working on the reflection in the metal and completing the next coat.

5. I think the mixer whip dripping cream is the focal point of this painting, so working on it now, just loosely.

Final Painting

As you can see, I have not fussed about the details in this painting, the broad strokes add a bit of drama to it. I hope you like what you see and the process pictures are helpful.I am more than happy to answer any questions!
This is going to be a part of my upcoming exhibition in Basingstoke Willis Museum which starts 22nd September and runs till 27th October.


  1. Arti - amazing job on a still-life. The red just couldn't be more beautiful. Love the whip cream too. Makes this a very lovely painting. Love your elephant from the previous post too. Hope you are having a delightful week.

    1. Thanks Debbie.I was not at all sure about this idea but so glad that it turned out this way.Can't wait to show it off!

  2. Beautiful still life painting !!!
    Congratulations Arti and thank you again !!!