Sunday, August 29, 2010

Faith 2- Old Man Offering Prayers

Its the same old man whose sketch appeared on my blog sometime ago.This is another image, here he is offering sacred water to the SunGod, standing on the steps of the Ganga river. This ritual is observed by many devotees in Hindu religion.It comprises worshipping the rising sun with water from the Ganga, flowers and other holy items like kumkum, chandan and dhoop.One can See hundreds of people going through this ritual in the spiritual towns like Haridwar, Rishikesh and Varanasi.

This drawing was done on full sheet, my first in this size.Thus it took a bit of time- I couldn't calculate the hours ; I would say it took me about 7-8 days to finish. ..And lots of work:)
The photo is not very good as the paper I used had a yellowish tinge, it was to big, and there is very little sunlight today.Sorry about that!

Graphic pencil on paper, 30"x22"

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Brown Horse in watercolors

I painted big this time...30"x20" to be precise.My elbow is hurting again and I am not spending much time on my computer these days.I have seen some very beautiful posts by you all in last few days but am yet to comment on them.My apologies.

Thank you all for responding so positively on this horse painting;I have decided to add some more to this post...Recently I visited a renowned artist of Delhi and asked his advise and opinion on my work.I have started thinking about putting up an exhibition in near future- and I need all the help I can get!...He liked my work but he also advised me to paint on a bigger canvas.As I have been mostly painting on 16"x12" or lesser sizes, I decided to paint this one on a full sheet. And judging by your response, it was a good move!
His other advise was to pay more attention to my pencil art, he liked the pencil artwork very much. I am thinking about it- an exhibition of my pencil artwork...sounds great!Lets see how things evolve.

I like horses, they make such fine subjects.White, black, brown..they are all so beautiful.I am thinking of drawing one in pencil, too.

watercolor on paper, 30"X 20"

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Always wanted to paint Koi fish someday!I enjoyed this painting immensely.It was created using 'wet on wet' technique and I was happy with the results.Took me about an hour to concieve, draw and paint it.No reference photo here.
Hope you like it too.
20"x14", on 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper