Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On My Drawing Board

This is a complex piece which has been sitting on my drawing board since last week.In fact I think I have already put in about 8-10 hours on it and its still 40-45% complete!
It was a picture that I had taken in the local park's ice cream kiosk on one of the Sundays last month.This group of four boys huddled together near the stall, deciding which ice creams to buy- they looked so cute, I immediately knew it would make a great painting....but since the kiosk was under a shade , painting this scene in watercolors did not look promising...so I compromised on a drawing.
I have not been doing much pencil work lately - prime reason being the issue of 'creativity'.Is creating a sketch from a reference photo can be called "art"? I can't decide.When I looks at the works of some really good pencil artists, it does excite! But I do get disheartened when people say 'well ..its good, but its not original art '!
Well I am doing it because I love doing it - is that reason enough? :)
Graphite pencil on smooth paper A3 size


  1. Arti, I always love your graphite pieces. This is looking amazing already. Well worth the time you have spent on it. A stunner of a piece.

  2. I've been reading a great little book called Art and Fear, that addresses all the things you're wondering about here! Yes, graphite is just as artistic as any other medium. Those who think otherwise simply don't understand the whole process of making art. I don't like the word 'sketch' at all. People mistakenly use that word any time they see a pencil mark... but we have to forgive them, because they really don't understand. And it's not worth getting upset over what somebody else thinks, or trying to change their perspective. We have better things to do, like making art! Your pencil piece is going to be wonderful! It looks great already!

  3. Wow! This is amazing! You did such a great job with graphite. I feel like my drawings only come to life after I add color. Nice job!

  4. Arti, please take Katherine Thomas's message here to heart. Your work is talented and quite original. One of my favorite works of Van Gogh was a 'sketch.' It was no less thrilling than 'Starry Night' or 'The Postman.' Your work, no matter the medium you choose, is fine art.

  5. Thank you so much, you all! Katherine you have really helped me here- I already feel much better!
    Thank you ,Sherry and Heather...I have always been in love with my pencil.

    And thank you so much, JB.I value your comments so much!

  6. This looks so good already!I look forward to seeing the finished artwork;)

  7. Wow! Arti! If this isn't art..what is!!?? This is truly beautiful..I love it already!!