Thursday, February 21, 2013


Have been trying out a few things lately.Pity that most of the attempts did not turn out as expected, thus, not shared here.One of them is town scapes.I would love to have the ability and flair to produce a beautiful looking towns cape.Britain is full of natural beauty as well as man made structures that catch your eye every now and feels such a waste if you can't lay it down on your paper! I have been trying without much the moment, it seems like a tough task.I do not know where am I going wrong-I just have to go by instinct...but I do hope that with time, and a few more attempts, I am going to find the magic key...

Meanwhile, you may enjoy these Hawthorn flowers.Spring is around the corner, we had a few really nice and sunny days last week. Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Beautiful use of neutrals to emphasise the flowers more Arti. Great job. Funny how we have certain subjects that just work with our styles.

  2. Thanks ,Laura.This is a work I produced 'on demand' for my sister.I don't connect with flowers that much.