Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Elephant Commission

24" 20"
This was the commission I completed and shipped yesterday to Boston, US. Lately I have been asked repeatedly for larger paintings as commissions,forcing me to step out of my comfort zone more often. I like my colors to run and mingle on paper but the paint dries much quickly on a larger area so its difficult to achieve desired results.It was a tough one, this guy!But happy that the client approved it and was thrilled with it.Just keeping my fingers crossed for its safe arrival- I had to send it rolled in a tube because of its size.


  1. It's lovely, Arti. And I am sure it arrived safely. I had to send a large one, rolled in a mailing tube, to the States a couple of weeks ago, and it made it in good time and in perfect shape.

  2. Looks great.. Funny how being bigger doesn't relate when viewing on a screen.. Why seeing the original makes such a difference.

  3. Amber's younger sister, Beatrice? Very pretty.