Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Guilty Pleasure..

Life has taken me on a busy road again; have two exams to  clear in coming two weeks.Till then, art is a 'guilty pleasure' like the chocolate that I am not supposed to touch when I am on a diet!
I did sneak in a couple of small painting one evening- after I got really fed up with all the studying. A bright looking bird; its an African native,called oriole. Lovely color combination of black and yellow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More work in progress and a beautiful Hare

Here is another bunny to lighten up the mood as I work upon the larger painting along the way.


Morning has been quite productive today.I started the basic wash on the Three Ladies painting and as it dried, painted a dog and a cat! ( they will feature in tomorrow's post) a good way to use all the paint on my palette ..and practice never hurts!
Here is the progress on Three Ladies...

I have used some masking fluid on the parts that need to kept light- don't want to break the flow of paint in order to save the whites here. Basic wash was meant to be neutral but I jut can't help dropping in all those lovely it was a mix of burnt sienna, burnt orange, french ultramarine, a little bit of yellow ochre and on the lower art-- Payne's grey mixed with a little opera rose. I don't mix my colors on the palette- though I have heard that its a good practice.I like to drop them individually and let them find their own place on paper.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blue Hare

This little one is just an explosion of colors- I didn't even draw him in pencil properly - I know them so well now :) Thought of using blue and yellow instead of browns.He turned out alright, vivacious and cheerful looking - what do you say?
Now I think I will be working on a couple of large pieces- people painting time!
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours just to get this drawing right on paper- a part I hate most.I like to dive in straight with colors, usually. Sometimes these large paintings fail- and it annoys me to have spent that much time on drawing for nothing! 

I saw these ladies sitting in a bus shed with their shopping all around them, catching their breath.The picture was quite small as  I had taken it from far away and I see not much detail.Still trying to capture this scene in color.Wish me luck!I do hope I do not abandon this one.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Owl Alert

Another owl..I did spend some time on this one, using first a basic wash and then adding the detail in various colors and etching out the feathers with a rigger. The paper was langton cold pressed which allows time to add detail.I have used mostly cobalt blue, opera pink, a bit of sepia for darker areas and yellow ochre for base.For his eyes I'v  used Indian yellow- though opaque, it still is quite a vivacious color..I like the way it uplifts the artwork when used sparingly.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dairy Milk

16" x 12" Saunders Waterford Paper
Falling behind in posting, again! Well this one is the latest from the herd. I admit that I love painting the snouts so cows will start to appear more frequently now.I really enjoyed painting this one.Mostly its just cobalt blue and some pink rose mixed on the paper to create the effect of purple.And a bit of  yellow ochre on the rest of the body . A friend of mine mentioned that she looked like a ''Cadbury's cow" as she looks perfectly purple like the brand color of Cadbury.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Barred Owl

Owls are fun to paint,,usually I like painting the ones with long, tufted ears- but this time I decided to try this round headed, barred owl.Next time i might try them in colors other than the ( natural) brown!