Friday, February 26, 2010

Sea Turtle

After yellow, I have turned to blue.I was trying to find new subjects, and a sea turtle in its aqua habitat looked like a good subject!..I have used white oil pastel to keep all those lines on his also gives some texture to it.
Due to some family obligations, I haven't been painting much lately...and the trend will continue for some more time; but I sure miss you all, and will be back as soon as I can manage!Till then , Happy Painting!

Watercolor on paper, 16"x12"

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring is Here!

The most cherished season of all, The Spring is here finally.Its also the shortest- it will last till April only.The flowers are blooming everywhere, so a sunflower looked like an appropriate subject.I haven't painted a sunflower used to look so intimidating with its  double row of petals and almost perfect looks!I am still in awe of this particular flower.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have been studying some great watercolorists in past few days...Nick Simmons , Thomas Schaller and Anders Andersson being few of them .There is a long list still pending, I have so much to learn!
I was impressed by the big, bold and imaginative watercolors by Nick, while Anders dazzled me with his control over his wide brushes even on tiny pieces of paper! Thomas is considered the 'architect of watercolors' - he paints the building beautifully. Even if I find myself lacking in this department, I will continue to study..someday I might be able to paint whatever I want, not just be a portrait painter!
I tried this wet on wet- all wet -style myself, ( disastrous results!But its a beginning at least)...I am beginning to believe that waterolors should lose some inhibitions and fly free!They are meant to be.
This street dog was sprawled leisurely on the stoned floor of Ganga Ghat ( Banks of Ganges).Looked like a good subject.I spoiled the water and the bridge in background ,though!Couldn't get the desired results. There is always 'next time'!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Portrait of a Friend

This is a watercolor portrait of a dear friend Fred Walsh, a resident of Canada; whom I met on blogosphere last year.Fred is a talented guy - he sings very well, and is a great guitarist as well as a wonderful wild life photographer! You an see his photos on his blog --

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Secret is Out!

For all those who participated in this ' secret challenge', here is my take on Karin Jurick's portrait.For those who didn't, this was the brainwave of Jill Polsby, to have Karin's portrait painted by more than a hundred artists can read more about it on her blog I am not very good at writing lengthy reviews!
All I can say is that its a real treat for eyes to watch so many portraits, so many styles, so many visions of different artist of a single subject; on the same page.
Click on this link to have a look- Picasa Album

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kids and Pets

You can see this on James Parker's blog 'Windows to the Words Art', too. Its a submission for the current month's theme- 'Kids and their pets- matching sets'! It was tough painting the dog in watercolors , as it had very rich and dark chocolate I used dry brush technique on him...dry on wet, dry on dry, whatever worked!Little girl had a clean, fair skin so I didn't put too many washes on her.In fact she now looks a bit pale in comparison to her pet!
James liked it :) and I hope you do the same!
Thank you for you good wishes, I am still sore but hope to be alright soon. ( I did this painting in bed!)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Just Colors

I am painting the flute player in oils now, started it today only. It will be a bit different from the watercolor one I presume. Meanwhile, posting this small work. I was testing the fluidity of various pigments and their merging pattern, and this image took shape. I added hookers green to create some negative shapes and it looks like a flower bush now:)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Flute Player

One thing or another has been keeping me away from my art since last week...Did this painting today, determined to set the ball rolling again! Took me about one and half hour. I have used a little amount of white oil pastel color in his hair and beard to create texture.
Watercolor /mixed media on cold pressed 140 lb paper.